Business Law

The Ondrejech Law Firm, LLC focuses its practice in the area of entrepreneurial business law. Business law, also known as commercial law’ is that body of law that applies to the duties and privileges of those who are systematically providing goods, services or both to the public (other businesses as well as consumers) to make money. Businesses need business attorneys for many reasons. The following is a list of topics that are handled in the area of business law:

  • Entity Selection & Formation (limited partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies)
  • Operating Agreements and Articles of Incorporation
  • Contract
  • Licensing
  • Employment law compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Dissolution & Wind Down
  • Litigation

First, a business attorney like Mark S. Ondrejech can help the owners of a business avoid personal liability for the debts and obligations of the business by helping them set up, and properly utilize a business entity like a limited liability company or corporation. The Ondrejech Law Firm, LLC provides flat fee entity formation services so that entrepreneurs can afford to protect themselves at start-up.

The Ondrejech Law Firm’s business services are wide-ranging because it strives to be your one-stop, full service business law firm. The Ondrejech Law Firm, LLC is experienced in helping new entrepreneurs with Business Entity Selection & Formation, and will guide our clients through the confusing process of choosing the business entity that best suits their needs in light of their specific concerns regarding tax obligations, flexibility, protection from personal liability, and succession planning.

If there is to be more than one owner of a business, it is critical that the owners understand their respective rights and responsibilities. The best way to achieve that is to have a comprehensive contract to govern the business that binds of all of the owners. Mark S. Ondrejech is very experienced in drafting (and litigating disputes over) these types of contracts. Depending on the entity that the owners choose, this contract will be called either an Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, or Shareholders Agreement. The business attorney will also counsel his client how to act in accordance with such a contract. When the owners cash out, operations cease, or a new person comes into ownership of an entity, we can guide you through the process of Dissolution & Winding Down to protect your rights as a partner/ member/shareholder.

A business attorney does more than simply handle intra-entity governance. Instead, a business attorney will also help a business client enter into contracts with their employees, customers, landlords, and vendors. The business lawyer may also be engaged to keep the client in compliance with governmental laws, rules, and regulations. When a business grows or seeks to negotiate acquisition by another company, a business attorney will negotiate and draft Acquisition agreements for Asset Purchase Agreements, Mergers, or Consolidations.

The business lawyer’s goal is to avoid litigation, but sometimes it is inevitable. In that case, The Ondrejech Law Firm, LLC is well-equipped to represent its clients’ interests in litigation. This firm offers a common-sense approach to litigation that is calculated to dispose of litigation in an efficient and effective manner.