Practice Areas

The Ondrejech Law Firm narrows its practice to a few subjects in order to efficiently maintain the knowledge and resource base necessary to provide its clients with the quality legal services they deserve. Please contact us if you are seeking legal advice and/or representation in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury – Helping the injured get the compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering is something about which Attorney Mark S. Ondrejech is extremely passionate. Attorney Ondrejech draws on his prior experience working for a high volume personal injury law firm to make sure that individuals injured by the negligence of others in car, truck and motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, assaults or other personal injury matters get the compensation to which they are entitled under the law.
  • Criminal & Traffic Defense – Attorney Mark S. Ondrejech is passionate about zealously representing people accused by powerful and aggressive government entities against allegations of wrong-doing in all types of criminal and traffic cases. Ondrejech understands that bad things happen and will work tirelessly to attempt to prevent those things from destroying your life.
  • Estate, Trusts and Probate – It is important to make sure that the assets collected over a lifetime are distributed to the right people in an efficient time and manner upon death. For that to happen, the proper plans must be made ahead of time. Contact Mark to put those plans in place.
  • Business Transactional Law – Ondrejech spent many years at a business boutique law firm in Northeast Ohio. He utilizes those experiences to assist entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses with starting new companies, commercial leases and purchase agreements, employee agreements and classification, licensing, compliance, and business purchase and sale contracts.
  • Business/Commercial Litigation (Lawsuits and Trials) – This law firm defends entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses from almost any type of lawsuit filed against them. Conversely, The Ondrejech Law Firm, LLC files suits on behalf of such businesses for breach of contract, business torts (defamation, interference with business), business theft, and trade secret disclosure. The firm also handles employment-related claims.